Wednesday, September 28, 2016

potty mouth stitching

i admit it. i've been known to use a few choice 4-letter words when the need arises. but stitching those 4-letter words? that's a fun (and provoking) concept that i'm ready to try...

subversive cross stitch has been around for years, heck, there's even websites dedicated to it. and it goes beyond just cross stitch. needlepoint patterns are being offered with those cheeky phrases and words we're dying to display! chilly hollow and needleartnut are both stitching the same subversive canvases right now and it amps the stitching game up to 11! 

for this particular project, i am choosing to stick with cross stitch patterns since it gives me the finishing style i desire. what's the project? my home away from home, my office. i decided a few weeks ago that i needed to seriously re-vamp my desk decor and add some flair - what better way to showcase my personal style than some sassy cross stitch? 

i've been on the hunt for patterns that speak to me, whether it be personal interests (favorite tv shows, phrases, etc) or just the irony of a traditional pattern and modern words, i love it all!

this is going to be just a fun side project with no real deadlines that i can work on if i need a change of scenery from my needlepoint stash. do you love it? hate it? 


  1. My mom would certainly think **I** was potty-mouthed if she was alive to see what I'm stitching. Thanks for the laugh.