Monday, September 16, 2013

weekend progress

my favorite time to stitch is on the weekends. hours of uninterrupted time to stitch, to be lazy, to watch football, and maybe pepper in a few naps and meals. 

with the quick turnarounds and high demands that i encounter at my job, the weekends are my time to recharge my batteries, wash my makeup off and chill out. 

stitching has become so much more than a hobby to me, it has become an effective tool in helping me "come down" at the end of the day. it helps me be quiet, focused and calm.

this weekend i made more progress and more x's

one pumpkin down...two more to go!

what does stitching do for you?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

greek trunk show purchase

did you or a gal you know go greek?

then you will love the all-greek trunk shows happening this month! i snagged a hinged pin box by funda scully and painted pony 

what a stylish way to keep my sorority pin safe! these would be the perfect gift for a graduate or a recent new member!

go kappa!

Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend progress!

i had every intention of starting a new needlepoint ornament this weekend, but this cross stitch keeps pulling me back in! 
i can't stop!

here's where i picked up saturday...

and here is my progress after 1.5 days...

i'm going to finish all the outlines and borders before picking back up with the lettering and pumpkins (saving the best for last)

what are your thoughts on cross stitch? i know this is primarily a needlepoint blog, but i love cross stitch too (albeit my cross stitch stash is no where near the size of the needlepoint one)

do you like the cross stitch updates? should i continue with it or just wait to post until i'm back with needlepoint updates?

hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

halfway there!

i'm really loving this cross stitch piece, and to be honest, it's helped give me a much needed needlepoint break. 

here's where i left off previously...

and here's my progress as of labor day weekend (minus the time i missed due to le stomach flu)

it's halfway done! now on to finish the other side and frame this guy up!

and because i thought it was cute, here's a vintage cross stitch treasure i found while antiquing this weekend...

"if mother says no - ask grandmother"