Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a new start

after the success from my previous petei finish, i decided to capitalize and immediately start my next petei kit. 

i quickly stitched through the face and moved onto the top of the hat and mittens (kalem variations in burmilana)

next came the coat. a long cross in petite very velvet was the first layer, followed by the fern stitch in burmilana. the outer layers of the coat are the knotted stitch in alternating directions. 

he's all bundled up and ready for his buttons and turkey work fur!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a beautiful finish

remember ten million years ago when i finished this ornament?

the reason it took so long to finally get to the finisher and back to me was because it was part of the batch, along with my stocking, that we thought was stolen. i had completely forgotten about this little ornament until it came back to me recently!

i'm so glad this wasn't lost forever. i'm in love with the luxurious green silk that matches the memory thread perfectly. after the working and re-working, it's definitely worth it when it comes back from the finisher! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

it's a finish!

pardon my absence, i've been reveling in the Mardi Gras festivities of the city, and now i'm ready to get to the gym to work all that king cake out of my ass!

i also have a petite petei finish to share, i just love it...

Petei whirling dervish santa

a 2014 finish in the books!