Tuesday, May 26, 2015

creating the candy house

ok so roofs are nice and all, but i've been anxiously awaiting my chance to stitch on the scrumptious candy for this cute house!

first items were the lime wedge windows. i set about beading them in the appropriate shades of green...

next were the candy canes. these were fun.

i padded them in frosty rays and kreinik to give them a little shape. the gauzy frosty rays makes them look almost real, right? gumdrops were a quick stitch in sparkle rays and i love how simple but effective it is!

so last night when i was showing my progress to dbf, (dear boyfriend) he pointed out that it was difficult to make out the lime wedges because the beads were a tad overwhelming. as much as i hate to admit it, he was totally right. (the perks of loving an art director, huh?)

so i tested out what it would be to only remove the inner beads but leave the outer perimeter. and i love the result! it makes it look more like a window, while still maintaining the character of the lime. what do you think?

next up is the hard candy shell of the 4 walls. 2 words: THINK PINK. 

(reminds me of Funny Face, n'est-ce pas?)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

hello! is it me you're looking for?

hello out there! (if anyone is still reading this) lol

so my babe and i survived the move from new orleans to dallas in march, and we've been settling in with our new home and new jobs. it's so nice to be closer to my family and friends, and we love exploring everything this big city has to offer. new orleans will always have a special place in our hearts though, mine is probably a little more bittersweet. 

thankfully i was able to unpack all the boxes and find some moments to steal away and begin working on my gumdrop house! 

i purchased this canvas through a special trunk show from pocket full of stitches, so i also went ahead and ordered a few stitch suggestions along with it. it's nice to use the suggestions, but also make it my own with a few embellishments!

first up was the doors and windows. i had a great gingerbread-colored dmc thread in my stash that i used, and then added the window pane outlines in 1 strand. the shutters are slanted gobelin in frosty rays (i hate working with the thread, but love the effect it produces). since i had the frosty rays out already, i tackled the kreinik wreath in french knots, and added the bow. 

i wanted to tackle the roof next (and this took probably about 2-3 weeks since i wasn't very motivated). the first layer was the white ribbon "frosting" in an upright stitch. 

next was the darker shading in stranded splendor, followed by the brick stitch in the lighter gingerbread color. took longer since it required a laying tool and the canvas is a little larger so it felt clunky. 

so far i like the results, it gives it a little textured look, almost like a graham cracker or a waffle. in any case, i'm glad to be moving on to the rest of the candy house...maybe some beads will be next?

Friday, February 27, 2015

a friday finish!

what a treat!

i had extra downtime this week and was determined to go into this weekend with a sweet little finish.

i really love how the ice blue background makes the santa the star of the show and enhances the reds, creams and whites. this guy finally gets an upgrade from the stash to the finish pile. 

next up, i'll be starting work on this beauty, but progress will most likely be slow due to packing and moving.  

can't wait to be back in the great state of texas!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

background progress, and some exciting news!

i was able to get about 1/2 of the background stitched between plane rides this weekend to and fro Santa Barbara for a bachelorette party weekend! i chose this ice blue vineyard silk (called "cumulus") and really love the results! it doesn't distract from the stitching but adds a nice enhancement to the coloring.

trying to power through and finish this guy this week because i'm about to get really busy...

we're moving to Dallas! 

my boyfriend and i were fortunate and lucky enough to both receive offers from 2 amazing ad agencies in Dallas, TX and could not be more thrilled to be moving to the Lone Star State! for me it will be a nice homecoming, and i'm excited to share it with someone special. we'll have friends and family nearby, and it will be a great start for us together. 

needlepoint progress might slow down a bit due to all the moving madness, but i'm excited to be closer to many more LNS'. if you have any recommendations, lay them on me!


Monday, February 16, 2015

stitching my way through mardi gras!

happy belated valentine's day, and happy lundi gras!

i was so bad at blogging last week so i'm including lots of pictures as an amends. let's start with my progress on mr. santa.

the sweater is stitched using gumnut "tulips" in kalem, with diagonal knitting for the sleeves. i like how textured it looks, like a real cable-knit sweater!

i originally thought beads for the "OU" and then once i started it i completely had a change of heart.

so i pulled out the sparkly neon rays and love it so much more!

also tested out a mustache/beard option in angora. 

finishing up his hat with fuzzy stuff, and then onto the background. his beard is so white-white against the cream of the sweater, so i'm having to wrap my mind around that. but i think he's cute. what do you think?

here's a glance at our weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2015

a new start

i'm really loving how my carol dupree santa is starting to take shape! also, can we talk about how much i'm enjoying getting back to decorative stitching instead of beading?

mittens and hat are in diagonal mosaic using splendor silk

had to post before i completed the hat but you get the idea

pants are criss-cross hungarian, i'll be going back over the open areas with kreinik for a little pizzazz

hoping to make some progress on the sweater this weekend and decide on a background color. decisions, decisions. 

happy weekend folks!

Monday, February 2, 2015

it's a finish!

i'm doing a major happy dance now that i can finally check this off the stash list!

beading finished up on saturday so i took a sunday sabbatical to clean, put my beads away, and make rotisserie chicken nachos for the big game. i also gave in to my weakness and had queso and now i currently feel like this

i'm starting a new project that will hopefully be much more entertaining to document. hint hint: boomer sooner!