Tuesday, July 19, 2016

baaaaack with a finish

apologies in advance - i neglected to take progress pictures so i don't have much to show for myself, but aren't these guys cute? 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity sheep

this makes finish #11 for the nativity series, which means i only have 1 more left! 

i need to seriously give some thought to what i will possibly start working on next...another series? a small ornament? a larger canvas i've been avoiding? 

how do you decide?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

fun finish!

sorry for the accidental break in posting! seems like everything got busy all at once, but i have still managed to find some stitching time. 

isn't he cute??? my tassels are "meh" but i love the overall look of this piece. so regal and elegant (and by far the largest in the whole set)

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

i've been working on the last animal canvas (sheepies) but in the hubbub of our lives i forgot to take progress pics along the way. forgive me? 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

busting my hump to finish this one...

ugh. yep, still working on this one. i really got into the rhythm of quick finishes for these canvases, so excuse my lack of posting since this one is taking a bit longer!

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

after stitching the navy portion of the blanket, i turned my focus to the hem. first up: a little more very velvet

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

next layer: kreinik silver cross stitches

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

lastly: more purple kreinik and some fringe. ta-da!

aiming to finish the background tonight, and then comes the daunting task of the tassels. yikes!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

happy hump day!

who am i kidding, you knew this post title was going to be a bad pun...

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

isn't he cute? he's also way larger than the past few canvases in the series, so this might take over a week

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

his fur brings him to life! his slanty little side eye is my fave.

i was feeling adventurous, so i started stitching the hump....

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

a lovely variation with petite very velvet? sign me up! 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity camel

here's hoping i can devote some serious time to finishing his hump and get some practice on tassel-making. 
that's a thing, right? 

Friday, June 17, 2016

a friday finish!

thanks so much for the support team! with your well wishes and encouragement, i was able to power through and cross the finish line this week! yippee!

stitching his hair and blanket took no time at all, and don't you just love his little eyeball?? he has such a sweet face. i'm really happy with my decision and think he makes a cute addition to the set. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity donkey

the whole enchilada! this little guy was a blink-and-you-missed-it project, but adds so much charm to the group. this next canvas will take a little more effort to make it over the "hump" to the finish line (hint hint)

carol dupree needlepoint nativity donkey

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

what an a**!

ok before you unfollow me and stop reading my blog forever because of the offensive title....just hear me out. 

as you know, i was SUPER excited to start stitching these nativity animals and dove right on into the stitch guide. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity donkey

unfortunately the guide seemed to have conflicting instructions and there were multiple fibers included and i started to mildly freak out and search the web for other pictures of the stitched donkey so i could compare.

i was also getting antsy and felt like i had to at least start something, so i stitched his face in a shade of merino. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity donkey

after i took a picture and got a second opinion from mason, i freaked out, ripped out, and re-stitched his face in the other color of merino provided. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity donkey

after consulting more pictures on the internet, and looking at the image from the stitch guide, i counted to 10, turned my TV to the Bravo channel, reminded myself that this is just a fun hobby and not the end of the world, and resolved myself to re-stitch it again in the first thread. 

if you are counting, we are up to 3 times that i stitched this damn donkey. 
luckily he's small so it was still done in one day, but still

carol dupree needlepoint nativity donkey

i don't mind airing my dirty needlepoint laundry. this art is all about trial and error, trying new techniques, ripping out and re-stitching. but most of the time we're so focused on the pretty finishes and less on the process it took to get to that point. i love how my donkey is starting to look, and in the end it might differ from the stitch guide, but it's mine. and i appreciate the journey that it takes to finish each individual canvas (some more than others).   

Monday, June 13, 2016

tender shepherd

(if you're familiar with the live musical version of peter pan, you'll understand the title reference)

when we last saw this tender shepherd, he still didn't have a robe, but he gained one man purse messenger bag after several start and finishes from yours truly. there have been several moments throughout this set that i have been in serious need of a stitch guide translator. someone that could say "yeah, i know it says this, but do this instead if you want it to look like the reference picture from the kit"

carol dupree needlepoint nativity 2nd shepherd

so i powered on and stitched him a robe while watching this new skateboarding show that we're obsessed with. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity 2nd shepherd

was able to finish most of the background on friday night while i was waiting around for my sweetheart to get home from work, then knocked out the finish on saturday morning.

carol dupree needlepoint nativity 2nd shepherd

do you know what this means??? it means i get to move on to some animals next! yippee!