Wednesday, April 27, 2016

it's a double feature finish!

i really didn't expect to finish stitching the baby so quickly, but the stitch area was significantly smaller, and the stitches were just too fun to put down.

carol dupree needlepoint nativity jesus

remember this fellow that i stitched a while back? he and whirling dervish were the first friends to be sent to the finisher this year and i'm happy to say that the fur has been trimmed, and he is ready for his permanent place on the christmas tree!

petei needlepoint south pole santa
petei south pole santa

Friday, April 22, 2016

a friday finish!

another one bites the dust!

carol dupree needlepoint nativity joseph

joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat are moving into the finish pile, and this little bébé

 is up next!

carol dupree needlepoint nativity jesus

for such a tiny canvas, i'm hoping i can have him finished this weekend. enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

joseph's technicolor dreamcoat

i was able to carve out some time this weekend to finish up joseph's coat and start working my way into the background.

carol dupree needlepoint nativity joseph

the variegated thread is the perfect accent to all of the rusts and browns on this canvas. i'm almost done with the background for this one! next up: little manger baby

Monday, April 18, 2016

fabulous finishing!

as previously stated, i'm trying to be better about sending items off to the finisher and not letting the "finish" stash pile up too much. i completed the last 2 remaining canvases in the princess & me nativity set, and used my tax return to send them off to the finisher! #adulting

princess & me needlepoint nativity

i tried my best with the lighting, but the constant downpour from this weekend wasn't doing me any favors...

princess & me needlepoint nativity

princess & me needlepoint nativity

princess & me needlepoint nativity

the dog and cat were the last canvases stitched this year, and i chose to do the same black and white cording for each piece, since the checkers were a common theme amongst most of the canvases. the finisher did an amazing job on these, and they are nice and heavy. would it be wrong to have these displayed all year? i can't bear to put them away just yet!

previous nativity stitching seen here

Friday, April 15, 2016

nativity club progress

i signed up for the carol dupree nativity club through the french knot in 2013 but because i signed up for 3 nativity clubs in the same year, i had to prioritize. after sending off my princess & me nativity set to the finisher, i figured this was the perfect time to start another!


first up: mary. sorry for the lack of progress pics on her. i've found that with smaller canvases it's harder to make myself stop and take pictures since these work up so fast! i love diana's stitch choices - these clubs are such a great way to become familiar with stitches you would never think to do.

on deck: joseph

carol dupree needlepoint nativity joseph

after completing the face/hair, his rust-colored dressing was next. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity joseph

latest update from last night's stitching. i began to layer on the cream, gold and green trimmings and really love the robe trim and how vibrant it is. i treat each new color as a new piece to the puzzle, so it's neat to see how everything starts to come together. 

happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 stitching & finishing

i figured that now would be a good time to show some of my stitchy pieces that i've been working on for this year!

the colder holiday season always makes me want to cross stitch something!

country cottage needleworks merry christmas
country cottage needleworks "merry christmas"

(for my boo...)
*fun fact: this is the first iowa state candy cane they painted!

carol dupree needlepoint iowa state candy cane
carol dupree iowa state candy cane

funda scully needlepoint KKG
funda scully kkg hinged box

(for my boo...)

this was such a fun project, and finally presented the perfect canvas opportunity to use my teeny tiny heart button! also a great stash-buster

in good company needlepoint iowa stocking
in good company iowa mini-stocking

with the recent welcome of spring, i pulled these cuties out of my stash and loved bringing them to life! i've got big plans for the finishing (hint: it includes a giant bow)

ewe and eye needlepoint easter bunny

ewe and eye needlepoint easter bunny
ewe & eye bunnies

i've set a goal to be better about managing the finish pile, so i'm trying to slowly get canvases to the finisher one by one. this guy was an obvious first choice!

petei needlepoint whirling dervish santa
petei whirling dervish santa

i've stitched through SO much of my stash this past year that i am now left with some larger projects that i was putting off for a while. one of those that i've started is the carol dupree nativity club through french knot. hope you'll tune in for the progress pics!