Friday, January 6, 2012

happy carnival!

why is it that short work weeks always seem to drag on and on and on?

it's good to be back home in n'awlins, the city is buzzing with excitement over the sugar bowl game and all the festivities along with it. today marks the beginning of the carnival season, and therefore the abundance of king cakes around every corner for the next few months. i for one am not a huge fan of king cakes, but i do love how the city lights up around mardi gras. can't wait to add to our bead collection!

ps. isn't this the cutest little puppy in the whole world???

cricket's first christmas!

this was taken at my parents' house in fort worth while we were there over the holidays. it was so fun to see friends and family, and have some down time from work. i was able to work a bit more on some stitching. i'll post pictures this weekend!

tgif and geaux saints!


  1. What a great photo! I lived in Lubbock TX for three years when I was in my mid-20s. My husband is from TX and now we live in Maryland. I rode a streetcar in New Orleans like the one in your header all the way out to a needlework shop when i was in a conference in New Orleans. I have great memories of finding that shop. I don't remember the name but I can visualize the street it was on....Thanks for joining me in Marie Antoinette's bedroom ;)

  2. hello susan! there are two great shops in the city, Garden District Needlework Shop located on Magazine Street, and Quarter Stitch on Chartres down in the French Quarter! I frequent both of them!