Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend progress!

i had every intention of starting a new needlepoint ornament this weekend, but this cross stitch keeps pulling me back in! 
i can't stop!

here's where i picked up saturday...

and here is my progress after 1.5 days...

i'm going to finish all the outlines and borders before picking back up with the lettering and pumpkins (saving the best for last)

what are your thoughts on cross stitch? i know this is primarily a needlepoint blog, but i love cross stitch too (albeit my cross stitch stash is no where near the size of the needlepoint one)

do you like the cross stitch updates? should i continue with it or just wait to post until i'm back with needlepoint updates?

hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Personally I don't "do" cross stitch (did you know it was named that because it makes my eyes cross?) but I enjoy seeing it occasionally. It's your blog, though. Post whatever you like!

  2. Hey, I like cross stitch. A lot. I have kind of settled into needlepoint but cross stitch will always be a favorite.

  3. I say keep posting. I like cross stitch designs, but I rarely ever do them, because after a few stitches, my brain rebels and wonders why I have to keep going over the same space twice. However, a more complicated stitch, that goes over the same space several times, like a Rhodes stitch, is fine for my brain. So, I'll admire your cross stitch, rather than do my own, and mentally stitch along with your needlepoint.

  4. I love both. I would love to see yours. It inspires to get back to my enormous stash of samplers. xoxo Steph

  5. I've enjoyed your cross stitch posts. In fact, it inspired me to buy my first cross stitch project this last weekend. Hopefully it turns out as cute as your project.

    1. yay monica! can't wait to see your progress!

  6. I enjoy seeing both so keep on posting!

    Yes, I also cross stitch in addition to needlepointing and all my other hobbies. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  7. a thousand thanks!

  8. I started out by cross stitching and then moved into a lot of needlearts. I still cross stitch some,so I enjoy seeing both too!