Friday, December 12, 2014

friday finish

currently, my goal is to stitch only from my stash (threads included). it's been a fun and much-needed challenge, and i love being resourceful. of course there will be times that i do need to make a quick lns run, but i'm trying to save that for thread/bead emergencies. 

this painted pony sorority ornament had been in my stash for a few years. i got it during a trunk show and then tucked it away while i focused on other projects. 

after consulting my thread collection, i was delighted to find i had all the materials i would need to complete it, so i got to work. i apologize that in hindsight i didn't take in-progress pictures!

i switched up the main "body" of the heart because i knew i didn't want to mess with trying to count around the light blue painted areas. i really wanted to do pavillion diamonds in navy blue splendor. unfortunately the crappy camera work doesn't show how luxurious and shiny it is, but i love it

 criss cross hungarian was the obvious choice for the top portion with an offset cross in treasure braid. i chose to keep it simple in the middle with basketweave in silk lamé so that the beaded keys would really pop. i love how it turned out, this would make such a cute and easy gift for your favorite Greek girl!

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