Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 stitching goals

happy 2015!

i'm setting my sights on a few projects that i want to complete this upcoming year, and hope to continue making a dent in my stash!

(ok maybe not finish the entire nativity, but at least start it?)

so i know i'll definitely have to make a purchase for this special project. my cousin and his wife are expecting a baby boy in may! i'll add his initials and birth date for a special christmas surprise next year. 

i've also got a secret project i'm currently working my way through, more about that later. i'm not sure how much of this list i'll be able to get through, but i'm going to try my best!


  1. Love all your projects. I am also trying to work through my stash this year. Was wondering if the black and white ornaments are still available anywhere (so much for not buying anything new!).

  2. The hearts!! I love, love, love the hearts! Cannot wait to see what you do with them. :-)