Tuesday, January 20, 2015

got my head in the clouds

happy tuesday! i hope everyone had a great MLK weekend. i spent mine in the clouds...

if you recall from our previous episode, i left off here

UGH. i knew i was in for it. it doesn't look like a lot, but beading takes up significantly more time than plain stitching. ok. so i tuned the TV to the bravo channel and powered through the cloud while housewives screamed in the background.

here's where i landed on saturday night. wahoo!

sunday's progress wasn't as spectacular. we slept in, went to a late breakfast and watched football while i slipped in and out of naps due to the fact that i stuffed myself with runny eggs and biscuits.

between the afternoon and sunday night, i made a little headway. 

that meant that monday was the day. we had MLK off from work so i knew that it was now or never. i was going to power through and finish these damn clouds once and for all!

and i did

it took a lot of pricked fingers and 4-letter words, but i gave myself a lofty goal and finished it. now i can "reward" myself and finish the blue outlines and be done with this thing!

but first, help me decide which i should stitch next....


or this?


  1. Great Job! I think you should do the Santa next--because I have one half finished and I need motivation/inspiration to pick it up again and finish it! :-)

  2. Another vote for Santa -- that gingerbread house might need some beads, and you should probably have a beading break!

  3. I can't begin to tell you how happy this morning when I read that you were posting on your blog again. I am thrilled that things are going well in your life and you are back to the world of needlepoint.