Thursday, January 22, 2015

this stocking just can't catch a break!

you guys.....

remember this stocking that ended up giving me a heart attack when i thought it was lost forever and then it was found?

well i was so overcome with joy and relief that i had it back, that i overlooked the fact that they monogrammed the wrong freakin' initials on it!

last i checked, my first name starts with a "K" and not an "R." grrrr.

but the silver lining of this story is that i had this finished and monogrammed long before i ended up getting divorced and changing my last initial back anyways, so it works out. 

the issue i face now is, where do i go to have the monogramming re-done without ruining the entire thing? i don't want to send it back to the same finisher, so i'm looking for any other options that will handle this with some extra tlc. 

can this be saved?

1 comment:

  1. Yes, it can be saved. I would recommend getting a contrasting color fabric, putting the monogram on that, and then putting in on the back like an applique. It could even have a little trim around it. That way, it looks more intentional. Quilters often put a decorative label on the back of quilts.