Tuesday, February 24, 2015

background progress, and some exciting news!

i was able to get about 1/2 of the background stitched between plane rides this weekend to and fro Santa Barbara for a bachelorette party weekend! i chose this ice blue vineyard silk (called "cumulus") and really love the results! it doesn't distract from the stitching but adds a nice enhancement to the coloring.

trying to power through and finish this guy this week because i'm about to get really busy...

we're moving to Dallas! 

my boyfriend and i were fortunate and lucky enough to both receive offers from 2 amazing ad agencies in Dallas, TX and could not be more thrilled to be moving to the Lone Star State! for me it will be a nice homecoming, and i'm excited to share it with someone special. we'll have friends and family nearby, and it will be a great start for us together. 

needlepoint progress might slow down a bit due to all the moving madness, but i'm excited to be closer to many more LNS'. if you have any recommendations, lay them on me!



  1. 🎶Happy Trails to you, until we meet again🎶. Don't forget about us here in needlepoint land, at least stitch a Texas ornament for the tree this Christmas. Best of everything to you!

  2. CReative Stitches on Royal Preston

  3. So happy for you!

    Hugs & Stitches blog