Monday, February 16, 2015

stitching my way through mardi gras!

happy belated valentine's day, and happy lundi gras!

i was so bad at blogging last week so i'm including lots of pictures as an amends. let's start with my progress on mr. santa.

Carol Dupree OU Santa

the sweater is stitched using gumnut "tulips" in kalem, with diagonal knitting for the sleeves. i like how textured it looks, like a real cable-knit sweater!

i originally thought beads for the "OU" and then once i started it i completely had a change of heart.

Carol Dupree OU Santa

Carol Dupree OU Santa

so i pulled out the sparkly neon rays and love it so much more!

Carol Dupree OU Santa

also tested out a mustache/beard option in angora. 

finishing up his hat with fuzzy stuff, and then onto the background. his beard is so white-white against the cream of the sweater, so i'm having to wrap my mind around that. but i think he's cute. what do you think?

Carol Dupree OU Santa

here's a glance at our weekend!


  1. Looks like a great weekend and your Santa is great too!