Thursday, June 11, 2015

gumdrop walls pt. 2

i honestly can't believe i've been working on this thing since April! i've been used to completing smaller projects in about a month, so this guy seems like it took forever!

i tackled the white/grey areas between each of the walls in floss, and then moved onto the last remaining candy components for the house.

Susan Roberts gumdrop house

i used memory thread for the lollipop sticks to give it some more dimension, but also it looks more realistic...

Susan Roberts gumdrop house

once the memory thread was wrapped in ribbon, i used a combination of kreinik and splendor silk to tent stitch the green portion as painted. then i used kreinik to french knot all of the red. 
i really wanted them to be lollipop topiaries, so i hope that's how it reads!

Susan Roberts gumdrop house

technically, the house is complete, but i still have to basketweave that pesky bottom square, so i'll be back to post an official "i'm finished" update. i also need to decide what my next project will be....

stay tuned!

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