Monday, June 6, 2016

by hook or by crook

the last component to this little guy was his great shepherd's crook. i laid 2 lengths of memory thread to follow the shape -

carol dupree needlepoint nativity shepherd

and with some careful maneuvering, was able to successfully nail down the little twists and turns, before i came back and satin stitched over it with mandarin floss. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity shepherd

it really pops against the background, right? i've always had a fondness for 3-dimensional components with needlepoint, they can add so much character to it. his beard is alternating tent and french knots and i love how rugged he looks!

carol dupree needlepoint nativity shepherd

officially past the halfway point for this set! woohoo!


  1. I started watching your blog for ideas for a Carol Dupree Santa. I'm an avid knitter but new to needle pointing. I enjoy watching your progress on your projects and was intrigued when I noticed that you had lived in NOLA. I moved here recently.. Congratulations & God's blessings on your recent marriage. Thanks for sharing your art.

    1. how are you liking NOLA? it's so much fun and will always be something you remember! hit me up if you need any recommendations!