Monday, June 13, 2016

tender shepherd

(if you're familiar with the live musical version of peter pan, you'll understand the title reference)

when we last saw this tender shepherd, he still didn't have a robe, but he gained one man purse messenger bag after several start and finishes from yours truly. there have been several moments throughout this set that i have been in serious need of a stitch guide translator. someone that could say "yeah, i know it says this, but do this instead if you want it to look like the reference picture from the kit"

carol dupree needlepoint nativity 2nd shepherd

so i powered on and stitched him a robe while watching this new skateboarding show that we're obsessed with. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity 2nd shepherd

was able to finish most of the background on friday night while i was waiting around for my sweetheart to get home from work, then knocked out the finish on saturday morning.

carol dupree needlepoint nativity 2nd shepherd

do you know what this means??? it means i get to move on to some animals next! yippee!


  1. So cute! Going to unload the DW super fast so I can get to my stitching! You have inspired me! xoxo