Tuesday, November 27, 2012

oops i did it again...

i didn't mean to, it was harmless really!

i was innocently minding my own business on ebay when these two fellows hopped into my cart...

celestial santa by petei

north pole santa by petei

example of stitched celestial santa 

i've cut back significantly on purchasing new canvases, but with the petei line's future uncertain i just couldn't resist!  

evil, thy name is ebay.


  1. I agree!! I bought a Melissa Shirley Labrador stocking and angel of the month!! Beautiful pieces!! Congratulations on your purchases.

  2. My advice to buy while you can. Things disappear suddenly, even things from designers not retiring, and few will repaint a design that has been dropped from their line (Leigh Designs and Melissa Shirley being big exceptions to that rule). You made smart purchases.