Friday, November 16, 2012

the collection is complete!

yesterday's mail brought me the final piece to my mackenzie-child stash collection, the third mini stocking!

Betsy B. MacKenzie Childs stocking

Betsy B. MacKenzie Childs stocking

as previously stated, these are the pride and joy of my stash, which almost makes me scared to stitch them! no pressure right?

have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Katherine, You would love my sister-in-laws home. Absolutely, gorgeously decorated with McKenzie Child! That would include the beautiful table in the kitchen, the large clock in her foyer along with alot of other accent pieces. Have a great time stitching all of you McKenzie Child

  2. These are going to be a ton of fun to stitch!

  3. Do you know if those canvases are still available anywhere? Love them! Can't wait to see what you do with 'em.

    1. hi Suzanne! most of the vendors I got them from have since stopped carrying the canvases since Betsy B. no longer paints them...I'll keep an eye out for you though, they're too cute!