Monday, March 11, 2013

fun weekend!

we had beautiful spring weather this weekend (before the rain came down this morning) and tried to spend most of it outside!

i was so excited when whitney told me she was coming in town for work and wanted to lunch yesterday!

we had a yummy jazz brunch at the columns hotel and it was so much fun catching up on life, love, our furry children, and yes, needlepoint. it was funny to think we had never actually met, but already felt like friends via the internet. such a fun time!

i also found time to start stitching (again) mr. crab salad. i'm much happier with the new color selection (vineyard silk "tomato")

Princess & Me crab salad

Princess & Me crab salad

a definite improvement from before, n'est pas? 

Princess & Me crab salad

happy monday! hope everyone is not too sleepy from the time change!


  1. Love the color- much better than the darker one! It looks great... what stitch is that on the body? Looks good (and will go quickly?!). Any word on your lost/stolen needlepoint? I keep hoping you'll post that it was found...