Wednesday, March 20, 2013

i might have overdone it a bit...

let's talk nativity clubs. 

and let's talk about how many clubs i am currently participating in.

that's right...3!

i'm a crazy overly ambitious person and because i love all three nativities ever so, i signed up for their clubs this year. the dilemma i'm now faced with is, do i abandon all other stitching and just make 2013 the year of nativities? or do i stick with 1 set and save the other two for next year, so i can rotate other projects into the mix? any and all advice welcome!

while we're on the subject of the nativity set that i am actually stitching on, here is my progress from the hour-long junior league meeting last night. this guy will be one of my road-trip companions back to fort worth tomorrow.  

Princess & Me nativity

what's that you say? one of the road-trip companions? why yes! i'm adding another canvas into the mix on this wacky wednesday. in case i need a break from the nativity, i'm packing this fun friend in my stitching bag. 

Princess & Me ballooning santa

i hit the road for texas tomorrow night! here's to a long weekend and some much needed R&R!


  1. I love Nativity sets, too. I don't own any but if I did, I'd pick one to stitch and then see what happened. Odds are I would finish one and start one this year and do something else entirely. You are stitching for fun and relaxation so there's no need to have A Plan unless you like plans.

  2. Welcome back! Personally, I pick up what I feel like stitching on. However, it would be so nice to have one finished for Christmas of 2013. How is that for a non-answer?!

  3. I agree with the two experts above! :)

  4. I would work on all 3 Nativities, interspersed with other small projects such as your Santa in the balloon basket. Malinda, in our French Knot stitching group, was working on Mary from 2 different Nativities yesterday. Glad you'll be back in town this weekend. Have fun!

  5. I am experiencing the same dilemma as you! I have so much in my stash I don't know where to start! I am thinking on working on just Valentine's Day for this year so that come next Valentine's Day I have completed my tree.

  6. I'm a new reader and new to needlepoint. I love all your projects! I'd love to pick your brain about how you learned and where you find your fun canvases. Looking through your pieces, it seems we have similar tastes. Any recomendations for a newbie stitcher?

    Thanks! Sara

    1. hi sara! feel free to email me, i'd love to chat!

  7. Where are you sister girl? Still gallivanting around our home state?