Tuesday, April 9, 2013

i love this camel!

if i'm being perfectly honest, i really wanted the title of this post to be camel toe because it makes me giggle...

but seriously...i love this camel!!!

Princess & Me nativity

i finished up the milanese for his body and couldn't resist moving onto his hump. i die for the bullet stitch in turquoise...
i love LOVE it!

Princess & Me nativity

like i said before, this camel was one of the main reasons i wanted to stitch this club...he's my absolute favorite!


  1. I totally think you should have gone with your original post title. If anything, it would have made me spit my morning Earl Grey out as soon as I opened your blog.

    I love the turquoise stitching!! May I ask what thread and stitch you used?

    1. hi! it's the bullet stitch and i used neon rays! love the effect!

  2. He is so presh! I'm going to have to try that bullet stitch - it's AWESOME!