Monday, April 1, 2013

where did march go?

well i literally blinked and out of nowhere it was april! where has the time gone? 

march was a tough month for me. with the news of my stolen needlepoint pieces, i had absolutely no motivation to stitch whatsoever. i'm slowly getting back into my usual routine and picking up the pace on my lagging projects. le sigh. 

the end of march also found myself fort worth for spring break. i spent the long weekend relaxing and catching up with family and friends. not one single stitch the whole time...and it felt great! i needed a break to clear my mind from the stresses of work. 

however, my stitchy mojo was rejuvenated this holiday weekend (finally!)

 here's what i picked up saturday evening...

Princess & Me nativity

and here's where i got last night!

Princess & Me nativity

Princess & Me nativity

hoping to finish the background and beard so i can move on to the newest piece! he is by far the cutest and you're going to love LOVE it!

happy april! 


  1. You've been missed! And when your mojo's back, it's REALLY back!

  2. I second that! I was about to send out a posse! This fellow is adorable. Any updates on the stolen items?

  3. Ah, I was hoping you would have some goods news about your stolen items :( I am still hoping they will reappear!