Friday, June 19, 2015

deep in the heart of texas!

i started on this little canvas (and i mean little) after the gumdrop house threads were put away and the canvas was safely taken off the stretcher bars. what a weird feeling to go from a large canvas to a teeny tiny one, i have to re-adjust my hand placement while stitching!

i consulted about 3-4 books trying to find the most perfect little stitches for this flag. i tend to try and over-complicate simple canvases because there's just so much to be left up to the imagination. it's a red, white and blue block and initially my mind wants to do something completely innovative and never-before-seen. 

i don't want to over-complicate this. i want to let the canvas speak for itself. i love our Texas flag, and i don't want to take away from the simplicity of its design by going off the grid with sparklies and ribbons. i did however, know that i wanted to bead the lone star, so i chose the mosaic background as a nice supporting piece to showcase that. 

coming off of a project that involved lots of frills and threads, it's sometimes hard to detox and get in the right mindset for a completely different kind of canvas. I equate it to dog breeds. each project is different, with its own personality. some don't want to be sparkly and frilly. and some want every single kind of trick in the book!

i'm going to stop now before i become "the canvas whisperer"...but i'm really liking how this is starting to take shape. 

have a great weekend and be sure to take time to do something that you love!

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  1. Looks darn good to me! Stitch faster! I am looking forward to see what you do with the red and white areas.