Thursday, June 25, 2015

the stars at night...

are giving me more trouble than i would like!

after completing the blue section, i tried a little beading from my stash. not really the look i was going for...

but ripping out beading is the worst so i just stayed in denial kept it in and continued on to the other sections

by the time i finished the red portion, i finally came to terms and ripped it out

at this point i'm toying around with the idea of doing an open stitch and letting the star's shape come out naturally. stars can be tricky, and i don't want to overcomplicate this piece.



  1. I'm glad you ripped the beading out. It's a pain in the butt, but worth the pretty-ness

  2. I learned a long time ago, if you don't like it at the beginning, it usually does not get better! Maybe just bw in white metallic, stars can be a real problem

  3. I agree about the stars! That's why on my big flag box, I stitched completely over the background and added star buttons from JABC.