Friday, April 15, 2016

nativity club progress

i signed up for the carol dupree nativity club through the french knot in 2013 but because i signed up for 3 nativity clubs in the same year, i had to prioritize. after sending off my princess & me nativity set to the finisher, i figured this was the perfect time to start another!


first up: mary. sorry for the lack of progress pics on her. i've found that with smaller canvases it's harder to make myself stop and take pictures since these work up so fast! i love diana's stitch choices - these clubs are such a great way to become familiar with stitches you would never think to do.

on deck: joseph

carol dupree needlepoint nativity joseph

after completing the face/hair, his rust-colored dressing was next. 

carol dupree needlepoint nativity joseph

latest update from last night's stitching. i began to layer on the cream, gold and green trimmings and really love the robe trim and how vibrant it is. i treat each new color as a new piece to the puzzle, so it's neat to see how everything starts to come together. 

happy weekend!


  1. Love the size of these canvases. They are going to make a really nice set.

  2. So happy that you are blogging again, you do lovely work!