Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a finish from the road!

typically i don't take my needlepoint with me on car trips, since looking down for a long period of time tends to make me a lil queasy. but luckily i only had a bit more of the background to complete so i powered through took frequent breaks and watched for deer and navigated and eventually i lazily limped across the finish line from the car!

carol dupree needlepoint nativity green wiseman
green wiseman

i need to make 1 tiny adjustment on the robe, but this is still a finish in my book! 

for mason's birthday, we took a little trip down to fredericksburg for a weekend of wine and relaxation. our cottage was 10 miles outside of town situated on the most beautiful piece of land, and we were surrounded by wildflowers, hill country views and lots of furry friends. 

it was the perfect way to unwind and relax, before the looming threat of work and responsibility kicked back in this morning. boo. 

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