Monday, December 31, 2012

she's back...and she's got the pictures to prove it!

happy new year's eve! i had such a fun time with my family and friends over the christmas break in tejas!

christmas eve was spent doing our annual gift card exchange amongst my family, followed by an early christmas gift to my precious little cousins!

meet wilbur...

on christmas morning, my mom, aunt and cousins were tickled to receive their sanibel tote bags i stitched!

 i hope everyone has a great time welcoming 2013 tonight, and i can't wait for all that the year has in store for me!


  1. As usual, you are buzzing right along! That belt will be off to the finisher before you know it.

  2. Happy New Year my dear friend. Hope to have a chance to meet you again in this New Year

  3. Happy New Year and welcome home! I hope you got your Tex-Mex fix while home. I love the belt progress.