Wednesday, January 2, 2013

my 2012 stitching review

it was quite a year of stitching, and i'm so proud of how far my needlepoint has come since i started just 2 short years ago. i learned new techniques, i learned that it's ok to make mistakes and how to grow from them, and i learned about a wonderful group of mentors and friends that provide me with unconditional support and encouragement for which i am so thankful.

i can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! but first, a brief look back at 2012...

carol dupree tulane santa

country cottage needleworks "beach cottage" cross stitch

jbw "french country pig" cross stitch

petei "kiss santa"

 kathy schenkel fort worth round

j. child "baby sleeping"

linda lahm tote bags

custom painted "sir saint"

danji "christmas in new orleans"

susan roberts nutcracker stocking

jbw "christmas bells" cross stitch

custom painted new orleans water meter

to see everything back to back is pretty amazing. each project has a story. i can still remember what the weather was like for every one, what i was watching on tv, and if i was traveling. the biggest personal finish for me was my stocking. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL stitching and finished projects! Can't wait to see what you come up with for 2013 (and a picture of that mantle with the finished stockings!).

  2. Hi Katherine,
    What a wonderful year of stitching!! Love all your beautiful stitching. Looking forward to 2013.

  3. An impressive year of stitching! Keep on stitching Katherine.
    HappY new Years!
    P.S. I didnot finish ny Kelly Clark Crazy Quilt either! But now I am looking at the Christmas I out of my mind or what?

  4. What a great year! I wish all stitchers would post their progress. We would be looking all day every day. What fun that would be. You are a wonderful stitcher and I can't wait to see what you stitch up in 2013!

  5. many thanks dear sweet friends!

  6. Love your work and your writing!

  7. Katherine! Love the year in review. Must admit a personal favorite is your New Orleans watermeter ~ it is so fine! Loved all of you work and excited to see what is in store for your handiwork in 2013.
    Also, loved the style of initials on the Lee box. They look great! Cheers!

  8. What stitch did you use on the Tulane Santa's sweater? I'm redoing my USC Santa and I'm looking for a stitch like that. Thanks!!