Wednesday, January 30, 2013

it's a start!

disclaimer: my phone's camera is being stubborn so i resorted to using the digital camera for my pics. barf. 

i started miss thang's mini-stocking this week and am loving how quick it's going! i've been using all stash thread, but will have to make a quick stop at the lns for some reserves.

the very bottom of the sock is horizontal cashmere in red splendor (leftover from my stocking) and the scotch stitches above it are in burmilana leftover from this guy's background. the mosaic is stitched in leftover petite very velvet from various projects. 

Susan Roberts mini stocking

to make all our stockings match because i have OCD, i'm using the same technique on the top as i did for the others. splendor satin-stitched over petite very velvet (all leftover from my stocking). i basketwove the background and will bead her name. the band with the santa hats is my favorite so far! i scrounged up some fuzzy stuff for the fur brim, and love the effect, even though it's so teeny tiny!

Susan Roberts mini stocking

in case you were wondering how tiny it all is, see below for reference!

Susan Roberts mini stocking

Susan Roberts mini stocking

i'm almost done beading the name and can't wait to finish this for little!


  1. You are layin' some guilt on me here. I may have to do a stocking for each of my babies!!! They are so cute!!

    1. do it!!! it's a quick stitch!