Thursday, January 31, 2013

let the enabling commence...

le stash grew a wee bit bigger this week when some new friends arrived in the mail! 

first, the iconic leg lamp from "a christmas story" by barbara bergsten designs which i adore. we watch the movie every holiday season, and also have a neighbor that displays the lamp in their bay it was a no brainer. can't you just see the silk lampshade, the beaded fringe...and maybe some lacy fishnets?

i also had store credit from annie's for a mackenzie child ornament that was pulled off the market, so i made lemonade from lemons and got my two new friends below!

i really am going to try my best not to bring any more new friends home until i make a significant dent in le stash. 
scout's honor!


  1. Great additions! I made a similar statement at the start of the year- I'd finish all my partially started projects before the baby comes... BUT, my LNS is having their annual sale this weekend! Oh the temptation...