Friday, June 8, 2012

another finish, and a new project!

last night i finished my "sir saint" ornament (the mascot for the new orleans saints). i had him custom-painted and loved this quick project! i am obsessed with memory thread right now, so i had to find some little way to incorporate it (the border of his helmet). i just love the feeling of taking a canvas off the stretcher bars!

Sir Saint custom needlepoint

up next, christmas gifts! these precious linda lahm tote canvases have been burning a hole in my stash and i am ready to tackle them! every year, my family goes to sanibel, florida for a week around memorial day. it's a great way to spend time relaxing, eating and drinking mike's hard lemonade (yes, you read right). i thought it would be fun to stitch these beach bags and have "sanibel" stitched on the front to commemorate our annual trip together, and have a fun reminder of the beach on the christmas tree every year.

can't you see the beads, river silks and embellishments? can't wait!

Linda Lahm beach totes

and just because she was sitting there patiently watching me snap these, here's a special weekend treat courtesy of miss cricket!

have a great weekend! it's supposed to rain in new orleans for the next few days, 
so i know where i'll be!

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