Wednesday, June 20, 2012

river silk is my best friend

our needlepoint beyond class for kelly clark's spring crazy quilt has been put on a brief hold since my lns is moving locations. it comes at the perfect time however, because i wanted to get started on my tote bags. it always seems like the christmas finishing deadlines get earlier and earlier, so i want to be prepared! 

because i can't get to my lns until saturday to pick up thread and beads, i went ahead and started on the "straps" of the bag. i padded it with cotton floss in the corresponding color, and then wrapped the 4 mm river silk ribbon around it to create a gathered, ruching effect.

Linda Lahm beach totes

you can faintly see the "sanibel" that i lightly penciled on as well. i am in love with with this effect and have to give vicky de angelis a big thank you for the tip! 

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