Monday, June 18, 2012


the weekends always go by too quickly for me! where does the time go?
i finished up the pavilion diamonds and completing the long cross in the sparkly accentuate. not one of my favorite threads to work with, but i really love the subtle sparkle on this section. 

Kelly Clark Spring Crazy Quilt

i'm going to wait before i start on the next session. we have our needlepoint beyond class this weekend and i imagine we will be receiving the next thread kit. i'm scared / excited for the stump work to begin, this will certainly be an adventure!

Kelly Clark Spring Crazy Quilt

love the sparkle!

i'll be tabling this project until class this weekend, but i'm starting on the linda lahm tote bags for my family. stay tuned!


  1. I love the crazy quilt. It's not easy living outside of Texas, is it?

    1. we definitely miss texas, especially the mexican food! new orleans is a fun place to be, especially as a young married couple!