Monday, June 25, 2012

blah weekend

pardon my rant, but i pulled up to my lns on saturday morning, ready to collect my remaining threads and beads to continue moving forward with the tote bags, and they were closed due to illness! they've already been closed the past month because they're moving locations, and now this!!! 

i know i should be grateful that i have such a great local shop to get supplies, take classes and have finishing services, but i couldn't help but be in a bad mood. i had been looking forward to it all was keeping my mind preoccupied what with babe leaving for austin. 

i had to make due with what i do have in my stash, so i continued padding and ribbon-ing the tote bag straps for 2 more bags. 

Linda Lahm beach totes

Linda Lahm beach totes

i'm in love with the electric blue / turquoise color on the crab tote. it was painted as black, but on the website it was this color. i'm glad i went with my gut to change it, it brightens the whole thing up!

i would love any suggestions for background stitches. there's 5 of these, so i want to mix it up.

hope you had a great weekend, it's just me and cricket for 6 whole weeks...yikes!

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  1. Just found you. I once had a terrific afternoon shopping in your LNS. Came back to Virginia with a quite a few ornament kits!