Tuesday, September 11, 2012

stitch intervention

we have all gone through those self-deprecating moments in our stitch journey where we think "why can't i just show some self restaint?!" 

well...maybe you haven't, but i definitely have! i'm trying to be a good girl and not purchase any new canvases until i make a dent in le stash, but it's harrrrddddd (insert whiny 5-year-old tantrum)

when i break down and purchase said canvas(es), the thought that drives the purchase is "what if i come back and it's not here? what if they stop making it? what if it's the last one ever?"

that mentality drove me to buy this little cutie...

for those that are unfamiliar with what this canvas depicts, gather round for stitchy story time!

the simon hubig pie company was actually founded in fort worth, tx (my hometown y'all!) at the start of world war I. the new orleans factory was one of several southeastern plants and later was the only surviving location after the great depression. the same 2 new orleans families still run the factory and are in their 3rd generation! hubig's bake their pies daily, and only fresh, local ingredients are used (like sweet potato!) 

this july, a kitchen fire destroyed the hubig's factory and they are currently in the process of rebuilding. unfortunately we in new orleans are all too familiar with that term. 

this little canvas will serve as a reminder of how many people love this city and its history, and that nothing can destroy it!  


  1. So sad about the fire, but love the story. As a new Fort Worthian, I did not know about these pies. You definitely did the right thing by buying the canvas. I have had experiences several times when canvases I loved became unavailable, and I've never forgotten them! Better to have them in your "collection" than not!

  2. What a great story, from a great story teller. Yes, you had every reason to buy the canvas.

  3. Very interesting story. That is so cool that you are in to that at your age. I can't wait to see what you do with that cute little canvas.

  4. You would have regretted not purchasing this canvas. I, too, am excited to see what stitches you choose. I go through that same thinking when I see something that is fabulous! Enjoy your new purchase. I'm currently waiting for a sweet little gingerbread guy from Raymond Crawford to arrive at my door so I can start on the background before a class later this month in Dallas! :) something to look forward to!

  5. Wonderful story. The canvas will always be wonderful remembrance.