Monday, February 4, 2013

tnna market love

have you made your wish-list of purchases from winter market? i'm really trying to be good and work my way through my stash, but it doesn't hurt to window shop...does it?

i love the melissa shirley valentines banners! the colors are so sweet and cheery that i would want to leave them up all year round!

this painted pony angel is magnificent! the fleur de lis motif really speaks to me and i could see so many opportunities for fun stitches!

the kathy schenkel tiny nativity is too cute! hoping this could be a new potential club for 2014...but only if i make myself finish the nativities from this year's clubs!

i am IN LOVE with these kelly clark stocking cuffs! i'm secretly hoping that a full stocking comes out of this line because it's got my name all over it! (ok, ok technically it will have someone else's name at the top...but i love it!)

ok, can we talk about how obsessed i am with these kelly clark hats?!?! i die. if i break my word and purchase anything from's going to be these! 

as if i need another item to stitch for my make-believe future children, my heart was all-a-flutter with the new &more "baby dreaming" canvases. they're so classic and clean and make my heart happy. 

what are your favorites from market?


  1. Where to begin? Melissa Shirley's Irish children, her Halloween, Easter, and Christmas scenes plus the small hearts. Ewe and Eye's birdhouses, plus the Kelly Clark Christmas Pears. Also saw a Cooper Oaks pastoral scene which is so peaceful looking. I love the one that says Shut the Front Door.

  2. Love the wish list! I did one of those canvases in the bottom group and loved stitching it- you can play with stitches and it goes quickly!! Can't wait to see what you end up with!