Tuesday, July 23, 2013

bald beauty

this is my progress from all the in-flight stitching this weekend. it looks meager, but it never ceases to amaze me just how time consuming basketweave can be! 

the good news is that i'm over the hump. the top part is the most daunting of the background stitching, and it's blue skies and rainbows from here. poor girl is dying for a trip to le salon for her memory thread hair. hah. 

Princess & Me nativity

as i sat stitching at the gate last night in phoenix waiting to board the last leg to new orleans, a mom with a newborn leaned over and said "oh wow, that is so beautiful, do you paint it or follow a guide?" i showed her my baby jesus canvas and said "oh, it's painted and i stitch over that."

she replied with "oh. (pause) 'cause i was going to say that's really good"

but it sort of felt like the subtext she implied was "it would be a lot more impressive if you had stitched this without a painted guide."

oh well. 

have you ever had a instance like this happen to you?

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  1. Well I think it looks lovely! And yes, I've had a few people at work say this. I often stitch in our lunch room and a few nosy nellies have peeked over their shoulders while microwaving their lunch to see what I'm doing. One or two have definitely been less impressed when they see the painted bits. But screw them!