Thursday, July 11, 2013

holiday's a wrap!

my holiday stitching is complete and we can now go back to our  previously scheduled nativity club programming!

i put the final stitches in the last candy cane last night and promptly dragged the others out for a stitchy photo-shoot.

Carol Dupree UT candy cane

i used bronze beads for the lettering to play off the UT burnt orange and i love the finished product

the whole gang 

Carol Dupree candy canes

and just because new orleans never ceases to surprise me, check out my back porch visitor from this morning!

i've never seen one in person with that large of a shell! 

back to the nativity club this weekend *insert happy dance here*


  1. Never saw a live snail and shell. Great photo

  2. those bronze beads are perfection!

  3. What were your thread selections for your OU candy cane?

    1. hello! i stitched the OU candy cane all in neon rays!