Thursday, July 18, 2013

saving the basketweave...

that's right. i'm saving the basketweave background for my flight to LA this weekend for a girls' trip!

this is the first time i've actually been excited to start the background for one of my nativity projects, since the flight from louisiana to california is a long one, and will no doubt lend itself to some serious progress!

when we last left off, i had completed the top half of the angel and her dress. i started on the orange basketweave for the bottom half of her dress, then followed that up with the turquoise tents.

Princess & Me nativity

the stitch guide called for red french knots in the center of each square, and for some reason that didn't sit well with me. remember how i went rogue with the elephant? i did it again. while the red worked on the elephant, i just wasn't feeling it on the angel. but you know what what did feel right? 

Princess & Me nativity
purple! and beads!

i love it! i've already got the navy thread packed and ready to go for my flight! and just in case i miraculously finish this...i'm bringing the next project along for the ride too!

Princess & Me nativity

baby jesus

i'm off for a long weekend and will be back next week (hopefully with stitchy updates!) 

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