Tuesday, August 21, 2012

how about this one?

still trying to find the perfect stitch for the poinsettia leaves. this was the latest effort. 

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

i liked it better last night, but i'm still not quite in love. may try some different thread, the coverage just isn't where i want it. 

also got some lovelies in the mail from the needleworks!

Carol Dupree OU candy cane

Carol Dupree TCU candy cane

Carol Dupree UT candy cane

these will be my mom and dad's christmas presents for next year. they represent where both they, and their children all went to school. i have loved watching how fast they stitch up, and can't wait to pull them out for next year!

please feel free to voice your opinions on the me vs. poinsettia leaf case. i do love all your ideas!


  1. Idea: Take one strand of your woolly thread and basketweave the leaves. Then take one strand and put your leaf stitch on top. That gives you texture and deals with the coverage issue. Using just one strand helps get the top thread through the bottom layer better, but I also sometimes switch to a needle with a sharp tip like a crewel needle or beading needle, whatever I happen to have with an eye big enough for my thread.

  2. Second idea: Use two shades of green, one for bottom layer and one for top.

  3. So, you are hooked on the candy canes, too. I have two waiting for me at The Needle Works. I once used diamond eyelet for a large leaf using a twisted thread. Went back over it to create the vines. Same idea as Jane's first one just with a different base stitch. Good luck.

    1. loving these ideas ladies! you all are my rocks of gibraltar!

  4. Katherine, leaves can be so daunting to me sometimes. I have started saving photos of those I really like (photo idea book).

  5. I would bet you could get those candy canes stitched by the weekend and have them turned in for this Christmas. Want to take that bet?