Thursday, August 2, 2012

switching gears

i had mild heart palpitations yesterday when i realized it was august 1! the holiday finishing deadlines are officially upon us so i switched gears from the nutcracker back to my tote bags. 

Linda Lahm beach totes

my apologies for the crappy lighting!

i finished the padding and river silk for the straps, and moved on the background. i chose to go with the kennan stitch just to mix up the variety of all the different bags. i was able to finish the entire right side and move to the middle before calling it a night. 

i'm confident i can finish this baby up this weekend while also devoting more time to the nutcracker queen. 

stay tuned... 


  1. Those darn deadlines, they have us all scrambling. I know you can, I know you can....... I have two more little things to finish stitching for the finisher and then I think I am ready for Christmas and Halloween. Until, of course, I think again.

    Keep up the good work. Everything looks great

  2. It looks the tote is going to make it. Is the Queen for next year??

    1. i'm not going to stress about getting it finished for this christmas, but i'd like to at least send it off to the finishers sometime before 2013! i want to check that off my stash list girl!