Friday, August 10, 2012

i'm going to poke my eye out with my laying tool...

i'm serious. 

i worked on mostly beading last night, and adding in more gold trim. i decided that i would test out some options for the beads on the queen's dress.

and they suck.

they just plain suck.

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

avert your eyes from the terror that was formerly known as a bodice. don't get me wrong, j'adore swarovski beads. but the color is wrong. the size is wrong. and i went to bed wanting to poke my eyes out.

now let's turn our attention to the crown, the inside of the jessicas and the scepter. pas mal?

the "rubies" came from an sj designs christmas cocktail mix that i had leftover from another project. they're nice and shiny and i like the funky shape. 

Susan Roberts needlepoint nutcracker stocking

started on the trim under her bodice and around the skirt. it's starting to come together!

so, after another emergency bead trip this weekend and perhaps a big girl drink, i will continue the saga that is my stocking. 



  1. First, put the laying tool down! Ok, now take a deep breath. The big Xs on her chest aren't that bad. You just need something smaller and a different color. Lug the canvas to the bead store and play around with the stock. It'll help you decide and expose the beaders to something different. (Education is always good.)

    If you don't find anything, consider Kreinik in cross stitches. They have tons of colors and you can make teeny XSs with their stuff.

    It'll be ok. Ripping out is how you learn. She's looking great! Love the red square jewels!

    1. i'm putting you in my pocket and taking you with me to the bead shop. end of story. thanks for the encouragement lady!

    2. Hugs back. Hope we had fun at the bead store! LOL

  2. Girl, cut yourself some slack. I do understand where you are coming from, though. Nothing is more frustrating than the time wasted. Can't wait to see what takes it's place.