Wednesday, August 29, 2012

riding it out in texas...

it's been devastating to watch the coverage of my beloved city. it's even more devastating that it falls on the anniversary of that bitch katrina. 

thankfully my parents have provided a very swanky and comfortable refugee camp for me here in fort worth. no word yet on when exactly i will be returning, as most of the city and surrounding areas have lost power. 

i am super excited to be attending the stitch-in at the french knot tonight! i went in yesterday to get some great purple burmilana for hubby's tcu belt. (after all, they know that color better than anyone!)

 thank you all so much for your support, i am so blessed to have such a great community of friends!

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  1. I'm just glad that you and yours are safe. Have a great time tonight and tell all the girls there we say Hey, Y'all, from Austin, TX. Post some pics if you can.