Monday, October 15, 2012

fabulous finishing

one of my favorite things is receiving a phone call from my lns telling me that my finishing is ready! (well, that and the postman delivering a box full of stitchy goodies to my door)

i know this is a bit belated since i'm coming up on my third christmas in new orleans, but better late than never!

Danji Christmas in New Orleans

this danji canvas originally posed a challenge as the mask was painted pink and the colors were all wrong. 

i changed the yellow streamers to green with my christmas cocktail beads, then went over the mask in purple silk lame braid. the "ribbons" attached to the mask are done in "mardi gras" by dinky dyes. i love it! i went over all the lettering in memory thread and had the painter add "1st" at the top to commemorate my time living here. 

Danji Christmas in New Orleans

this project goes to show that no matter what a canvas looks like, you can always jazz it up any way you want! i'm really pleased with how this turned out.