Friday, February 22, 2013

getting the hang of it!

i finally feel like i'm finally getting the hang of this stitch for joseph's robe! not sure what tripped me up so much, but once i got into a groove, it seemed to fly by. 

Princess & Me nativity

i'm really liking the cool effect it has, even in one color. you'll notice i also started from the bottom right corner and moved my way up instead of starting at the top. since there is going to be considerable compensation at the top as the space gets smaller, i'm glad i made the decision to start in the corner. 

Princess & Me nativity

hoping to finish at least the robe this weekend...but with a forecast of rain, who knows how far i'll go?

have a great stitchy weekend!


  1. You are hooked. Isn't it great to finish stuff?? Especially when it is so cute? Your stuff is adorable.