Tuesday, February 5, 2013

just a little nub...

oh i am so in love with this mini-stocking, it's quickly becoming one of my most favorite projects!

i made serious progress this weekend and will finish it up this week

Susan Roberts mini stocking

after a very successful thread run (and a quick pep talk from diana) i got back to finishing up the bottom of the sock. my flat iron was getting some serious neon rays action! i stitched the orange and purple triangles with a satin stitch in alternating directions to give it some depth. then i played around with the purple/yellow section and created a fun pattern based on how it was painted. i experimented and did a simple straight stitch but love the cool effect! next up was the royal blue scotch stitch. i just love the color combination with the emerald green!

the dark green block with "ho ho ho ho" was stitched in horizontal cashmere in splendor to match the very bottom of the sock. then i beaded the letters.

Susan Roberts mini stocking

so as of last night, i finished up the background for the shining star of this piece. i did diagonal mosaic in leftover vineyard silk from this project. i bought a fabric pen from michael's to cover up the doggy tail since my little girl only has a little nub! i'm so pleased with how well it covered!

Susan Roberts mini stocking

don't fret about the doggy bone showing through...i've got some cute plans for it! so all i have left is stitching cricket's fur, and adding the dog bone!

i just can't say it enough...i love this canvas!


  1. Oh, how cute is this! Cricket is one lucky little dog. Great stitching.

  2. I love the info about your stitch selection and thought process; as a new stitcher, it's really helpful!