Thursday, February 21, 2013

stitching joseph's robe

sorry i don't have an updated picture of my progress on joseph...i had to run out of the house in a flash to catch the streetcar! last night found me starting on joseph's blue robe after i inhaled a spinach artichoke wrap. the stitch guide calls for the oriental stitch in neon rays...easy, right?

Princess & Me nativity


for some reason i just could not get into my stitchy groove. unlike the above diagram, the stitch guide calls for 4 satin stitches in between the milanese triangles. the other difficulty is that it is all stitched in the same thread (normally oriental is stitched in two different colors). 

i found myself counting, counting, then counting some more...and then second guessing myself because i thought it looked weird. after an hour or so, it finally started to take shape and i feel like my mind is starting to remember the stitch pattern.

do you ever have that problem with remembering more complicated stitch patterns? i find myself constantly consulting the diagram before i make a move with the needle...because the looming threat of having to rip everything out is in the back of my mind!

am i just being neurotic? i'm hoping that as i cover more canvas and as the stitch comes alive, i'll be able to relax...


  1. You are more persistent than I! I would have probably changed the stitch to something more familiar. I do understand and empathize with your situation, though. Last night I was stitching leaves with random leaf stitch. 4 leaves. They took me 2 hours! It nearly drove me crazy but I got it done!

  2. I find myself repeatedly chanting "over two, up one" or whatever. Does not make me especially popular if husband is in the same room trying to read or watch TV ;)

    1. you and me both! even cricket looks at me like "must you chant while i'm trying to watch the real housewives of atlanta?"