Monday, February 25, 2013

a weekend finish!

meet my newest nativity finish...

Princess & Me nativity

i just love love LOVE him!

once i got the hang of the robe stitch, i flew through the rest of him and finished up the background sunday morning! here's my progress from friday night...

Princess & Me nativity

since i'm just about caught up with this club, i've given myself permission to work on another small canvas simultaneously SHOCK! GASP! me? work on 2 projects at the same time? 

check back to see what i pulled out of le stash!


  1. Wowser! Wish I was flying through my stuff like this! It looks so good!

    1. you are flying through those ewe & eye's like nobody's biznass! at the rate i'm going i may never go back to big projects ever again, hah!