Wednesday, February 27, 2013

well that went differently as planned...

don't you hate it when you have a set plan, and then it gets bamboozled? ugh. cut to me monday night...

Princess & Me crab salad

so there i was working on "crab salad" by princess and me. the stitch guide calls for nova for the crab, so i did as i was told like a good girl and used the called-for thread, and started basketweaving the back legs a la the stitch guide. 5 curse words later, i moved on to the top right claw in diagonal roumanian. 

5 more curse words later...

Princess & Me crab salad

i ripped it all out. 

yes. ripped every fiber from that damn canvas and called it a night.

i hate to admit defeat...but i just don't have the patience to try and tame the devil fiber le nova thread. i wasn't crazy about the color anyways, and will visit my lns soon to choose a new fiber of my liking. 

i still love this little canvas, and while my affair with nova was short and sweet...i will not give up the good fight!

onward and upward!


  1. I've never worked with nova. Sorry you had so much trouble with it. But truth be told, I didn't like the color (at least as I could tell from your photos). Too burgundy. And from a MD girl, a good cooked crab should never be burgundy. ;-) I'm on a Pepper Pot Silk kick now and they have a really pretty red- Tomato (#16). And I use Vineyard Silk in Lipstick (#`134) and Silk & Ivory in Red Hot (#93) a lot.

    1. i was thinking vineyard silk! i will definitely need your approval on my color choice...i want him to be authentic!

  2. I've also seen that canvas where the crab was beaded brick stitch style and looked tre cute! Definitely RED beads though!