Thursday, February 7, 2013

a sweet finish, and a long awaited new start!

it's a little bittersweet to announce this finish...
it went by so fast! 

Susan Roberts mini stocking

mini-stocking by susan roberts

i loved every second of this quick stitch. each area was so small that there was no time to get bored! my absolute favorite part is, of course, little cricket in the center! 

Susan Roberts mini stocking Susan Roberts mini stocking

notice the difference between how it started and how it ended! i love having the opportunity to make a canvas personalized just for you! i made sure to define cricket's little nub, and stitched the fur in slanted gobelin with gumnut tulips. since she is a blue merle australian shepherd, i combined 1 strand of grey and 1 strand of blue to give it a subtle tint. the dog bone button came from JABC. i love it!

Susan Roberts mini stocking

if you follow me on instagram you'll remember the above picture that i uploaded. after mulling it over, i ripped out the memory thread bow and went with a real ribbon. i'm a sucker for ribbon bows!

and for my new (and long awaited) start, the first king from the princess and me nativity club!

Princess & Me nativity

i managed to stitch his face, and the top part of the head-dress last night while i watched the first few episodes of "house of cards" on netflix. if you're a fan of david fincher (the social network, girl with the dragon tattoo) you will LOVE this show! 

that's it for me! counting down to the weekend so we can go catch some beads!

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